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June-July 2016
in the Democratic Party back then. At the
same time all of his humanity was reflected
in the faces of his wife and granddaughter,
as well as in their words. Like a real Italian
grandfather. Below are a few brief excerpts to
whet your appetite before you tune in on NYC
Life (Channel 25, every Sunday at 1PM) or
visit us online to watch the full video.
Despite the encumbrances of a TV crew, it
was a rare treat to hear Matilda and Amanda
retrace their history, its ties to Italy and their
emotional memories. The place where the
conversation was shot – the house where
Matilda lived with her husband, Mario – was
also special: the two women seated on a sofa,
behind them a credenza topped with Italian
mementos, a figurine of Pulcinella peeking
out from behind a shelf. In the opposite room
was Mario’s study, full of objects, books,
photographs. You couldn’t not sense the
charismatic presence of the great politician
who, in the 1980s, was known as the great
communicator of his party, believed by many
to be the only real man of presidential stature
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Inthefirst conversationofourseries,MatildaandAmandatouchedupon
everythingfromimmigrationtoreligion, fromlanguagetocookingand
traveling inItaly. Theirextraordinarytalkculminatedinanemotional
toreada letterwrittenin1999byGovernorMarioCuomo, akindof
spiritual lastwill andtestament forhis thirteengranddaughters.
ATaleof TwoWomen:
Matilda andAmanda
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